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TalkLife Limited | 09104043 HQ | 1 Victoria Street, Bristol, BS1 6AA

TalkLife connects you with real people around the world who want to listen and support you. We’re here for the moments when you need a friend and a place to share. So, come join the World’s Leading peer support network for mental health and make right now and everything after it a little bit better.

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Peer Support For Mental Health

Life isn't always smooth sailing, but you're not alone! At TalkLife you can instantly meet supportive people who actually care and want to listen! Share what's on your mind and get the help you need today! Meet new friends who really get you, You're not alone!


At TalkLife, we’re here for the moments when you just need a friend and some advice! We have a large community receiving support across anxiety, depression, eating disorders and those battling self harm.


If you're battling with mental health or struggling with self harm it can feel lonely, It can suck, and let’s admit it: that’s tough to say out loud. We all know that, and maybe, sometimes, we’ve just been made to feel a little afraid to say it. TalkLife is here for everyone and anyone who just needs someone to talk to. Who just needs someone to listen. Because, hey, we all do.

Peer Support Network

“I like this app a lot. I struggle with extreme social anxiety and asking for help, so this is helping me practice trust in a community. There are some toxic people, but the mods tend to act quickly, and there are great content warning features.”

Skye bo